Community Guidelines at Notre Monde

By continueing, you agree to obey laws of PRC and Notre Monde Community Guidelines

User rights

1. You can get a copy of your user content at anytime.
2. Your works are protected under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless you stat additionally.
3. You can delete your account at anytime.
4. All your privacy info (e.g. E-mail addresses, IP Address) are protected and we won't share them with anyone else.
5. It is you who take the responsibility to backup your data and we cannot make sure that the server will be always online.


1. Respect others' opinions (*Under laws of PRC*)
2. Your toots are visible to everyone on the internet so make sure you won't accidentally leak your privacy here.
3. We are against any sort of soft/hard porn or gambling, do not put phishing links here or you will be kicked off from Notre Monde.
4. If you want to toot with offensive words, use CW.
5. Users who break guidelines for 3 times will be removed.
6. If you are being disturbed, report it to site admin after blocking it.
7. Notre Monde is not an IM tool so do not send DM unless it's necessary. You can post images, videos, and music without copyright here. (Be careful with image/video/music meta info which may potentially leak your privacy).

Notre Monde

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